WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: Recruiting Inclusively

Who is it for: Employees who are involved in recruitment

    • 1 day 9:30am to 4:30pm

Dates & Availability: 20th Feb 2020
Certificate type: Attendance

Workshop Details:

This workshop is designed to support those within organisations who are involved in the recruitment process. It will provide an update on current and relevant legislation along with helping them to identify areas for review within their organisations current practices and competencies linked to recruitment.

Our experienced facilitators will help attendees to explore potential areas for change and bring the content to life by using real life examples to add meaning and value to the workshop.

Workshop Aims:
The aim is to provide and update on current legislation linked to recruitment practices, review the employee journey and positive exit strategies.

  • To be able to identify areas for change within their organisations’ processes in-line with legislation.


BY THE END OF THE WORKSHOP THE ATTENDEES WILL: Be able to recognise relevant legislation linked to key areas of potential change within the recruiting practices and the importance attracting, managing and maintaining talent within their organisations.

Workshop – Content/focus
Legislation updates:
relevant to the subject matter including “Positive Action” and conscious/unconscious bias.
Employee journey:
“what does good look like”.
Talent attraction, management and retention:
effective recruitment process and strategies.
Engaging the workforce:
who’s engaged and benefits of having an engaged workforce.
Exit strategies:
the benefits to the employee and the organisation of having a planned and positive strategy.

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