WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: Managing Change Effectively

Who is it for: Those who are involved in implementing change
within an organisation

    • 1 day 9:30am to 4:30pm

Next Workshop: 19th Feb 2020
Certificate type: Attendance

Workshop Details:

This workshop is designed to enable all those who manage and lead teams to define and instil new values, attitudes, norms, and behaviours within an organisation that support new ways of doing work and overcome resistance to change. They will consider how to build a consensus among customers and stakeholders on specific changes designed to better meet their needs; along with looking at ways to evaluate, plan, test and implement change within a organisation from process to practice.

The workshop provides a safe environment in which attendees can share their experiences and find workable solutions to their own situations thus, establishing best practice. Our experienced facilitators will bring the content to life by using real life examples to contextualise thus, adding meaning and value to the workshop content.

The main aim of the workshop is to enable participants to understand the need for change and consider working practices to implementing change effectively.

  • To identify the process and planning requirements for making changes within an organisation and impact of opposing/different methods.

BY THE END OF THE WORKSHOP THE ATTENDEES WILL: Be able to recognise and constructively consider differing approaches to change within their organisation and how to establish new working practices and processes to achieve the desired result.

Workshop – Content/focus

Why is change needed?
Identify and consider the need for change using tried and test theories and methodologies.

Impact of change—”who will it affect”?
Explore and consider the impact of change within an organisation and who will changes effect.

Implement change—”how”?
Consider what and who should be involved in the change process and the steps to implementing the change effectively within the organisation.

Providing a positive message linked to change.
Consider how to convey change in a positive way to engage those change will affect, “getting the buy-in”.

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