WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: Managing Inappropriate Workplace Behaviours

Who is it for: All Employees

    • 1 day 9:30am to 4:30pm

Next Workshop: 17th Feb 2020
Certificate type: Attendance

Workshop Details:

This workshop is designed to create an awareness of inappropriate workplace behaviours the impact on productivity and team dynamics.  When and how to respond to difficult situations, options and routes to gaining an acceptable outcome.

Our experienced facilitators have over 35 years of experience working within a busy and demanding  business environment and they will bring the content to life by using real-life examples to contextualise thus, adding meaning and value to the workshop content

Workshop Aims: The aim is to provide an understanding of the different behaviours that can be demonstrated within a work environment.

  • To raise awareness of the impact both appropriate and inappropriate behaviours can have on the workforce.

By the end of the Workshop the attendees will: Be able to identify and respond to inappropriate behaviours in the workplace and to recognise appropriate actions.

Workshop – Content/focus

Different behaviours: Exploring the different behaviours which can be demonstrated within the workplace.

Considerations and impact: Identifying potential triggers to behavioural changes and impact negative behaviours can have on the work environment.

Responding unacceptable behaviours: Methods, techniques and approaches to responding to unacceptable behaviours.

Options and outcomes: Considering your potential options, actions and consequences when dealing with inappropriate workplace behaviours.

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