WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: Managing Conflict & Having Difficult Conversations.

Who is it for: All Staff

  • 1 day 9:30am to 4:30pm

Dates & Availability: 12th Feb 2020
Certificate type: Attendance

Workshop Details:

This workshop is designed to raise awareness of the common causes of conflict in the workplace and to provide attendees with an understanding of methods and techniques to help them manage conflict in the workplace more effectively while learning about their own conflict management style and behavioural awareness. 

Our experienced facilitators will bring the content to life by using real-life examples to contextualise thus, adding meaning and value to the workshop content.


The main aims of the workshop are to identify the principles of conflict management and how it can reduce and deal with conflict effectively.

  • To identify and share best practice through own experiences (” What good looks like”) and embedded relevant tools and techniques to deal with conflict effectively in-line with organisational policies and procedures.

By the end of the Workshop, the attendees will:  Have a sense of organisational values and ethical work practices and understand the importance of aligning with mission/values statements.  Will know how to encourage positive behaviours and have awareness of the impact creating, a more harmonious workplace has on productivity.

Workshop – Content/focus

Conflict – Understand what is perceived to be conflict – behaviours and actions.

Cause and effect – Triggers, impact and considerations e.g. personalities, work environment, cultural differences and or methods/types of communication “ripples on a pond”.

Consequences of conflict- Productivity, financial, time frames, personal, team and the organisations’ reputation “company brand”.

Next Steps and summary – “Stop & Start Strategies” what to stop doing and what to start doing more to support continuous improvement.

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