WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: Effective Business Communication

Who is it for: All Employees


  • 1 day 9:30am to 4:30pm

Next Workshop: 9th March 2020 
Certificate type: Attendance

Workshop Details:

This workshop is designed to create an awareness of effective business communication practices and consider the ways in which the attendees communicate in a business environment.  To explore alternative ways of communicating within a business setting and how to be a more effective listener and engage those with whom they communicate. 

Our experienced facilitators have over 35 years of experience communicating within a business environment at all levels and they will bring the content to life by using real-life examples to contextualise thus, adding meaning and value to the workshop content.

Workshop Aims:

The aim is to build awareness of effective business communicating skills, methods and approaches and to feel more confident when communicating.

  • To identify potential changes to current communication skills and behaviours.

By the end of the Workshop the attendees will: Be able to identify potential barriers to effective business communication, be open to changing their current methods and or adopting new ones.

Workshop – Content/focus

Effective communication: Exploring different methods of communication within a business environment.

Communication styles:  Conveying a clear message, identifying hidden emotions and demonstrating listening effectively.

Building a rapport:  Effective questioning techniques and presenting a positive message.

Behaviours and barriers:  How to identify acceptance or resistance and influencing others

Communicating in meetings:  Creating an environment conducive to a positive meeting and engaging with attendee.


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