WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: Supervisory Management

Who is it for: New and Aspiring Supervisors / Managers

  • 1 day 9:30am to 4:30pm

Next Workshop: 24th Feb 2020
Certificate type: Attendance

Workshop Details:

This workshop is designed to enable new and aspiring managers to gain an understanding of leadership and management styles including their own style. To learn an insight into relevant leadership and management model which linked learning how to be an effective leader and manager. “what kind of leader or manager are you”?

The workshop provides a safe environment in which attendees can share their experiences and find workable solutions to their own situations thus, establishing best practice. Our experienced facilitators will bring the content to life by using real-life examples to contextualise thus, adding meaning and value to the workshop content.

The main aim of the workshop is to enable participants to understand the role of a leader/manager within your organisational structure linked to your values, vision and mission statements including their areas of accountability and authority.

  • To further understand and relate different leadership/management principles and approaches along with the differences between, leadership and management.

By the end of the Workshop, the attendees will:  Be ablet o recognise their own leadership and management styles and the impact of their behaviours and to understand the skills and behaviours of effective leader/manager “what does good look like”?

Workshop – Content/focus

The role of the leader/manager: Within your organisation, linked to your organisation’s values, vision and mission statements – identifying and knowing your role within your organisational structure and how your organisation’s values, vision and mission statement are linked to your role as a leader/ manager “walk the walk”.

The difference between leadership and management: Including accountability and limits of authority – Knowing the difference between leadership and management “what good looks like” and limits of their accountability and authority.

Management approaches models and theories in practice: Understanding different approaches to managing and leading including identifying “what kind of leader/manager you are” Knowing management and leadership styles – linked to management identification tools (pre-work required).

Impact of effective & ineffective management behaviours: Identifying effective techniques leadership and management techniques and the impact our behaviours can have on our teams.

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