Start IT

The Start IT Award is ideal for anyone new to the world of computing. This first step in understanding IT can aid progression on to further qualifications.  With the Start IT Award, you can build your skills and gain the confidence you need to work effectively with computers.

These practical qualifications offer a flexible approach – you can learn about working safely online, carrying out efficient searches on the Internet, gain some useful terminology and tips, learn word processing skills to enhance and create your own documents such as CV and other work-related documents, improve your email etiquette, learn how to organise your inbox and stay safe and protect yourself from viruses and create strong, memorable passwords.

Start IT (iTQ) is based on National Standards developed in collaboration with e-skills UK.

No prior qualifications are required.

Start IT (ITQ) –Entry Level 3 (4249) Award To achieve this Award the learner must achieve 2 credits from the mandatory unit and 4 credits from optional units. Assessment – portfolio of evidence

  • IT User Fundamentals (001) 2 credits (Mandatory Unit)
  • Interact with & use IT systems
  • Organise store & retrieve files and folders
  • Understand the need for safe and secure practices
  • Responding to common IT problems
Using Email (006) 1 credit

  • Understand different types of email packages
  • Use email software to compos, send & receive messages including attachments
  • Creating inbox folders to store, & organise messages
  • Common email problems, junk, phishing emails
Word Processing Software (011) 2 credits Structuring information within word documents

  • Using tools to edit and format documents
  • Margins, page layout, alignment and spacing
  • Inserting images
Online Basics (015) 1 credit

  • Working safely online –why? how?
  • Creating strong passwords
  • Using the Internet, using efficient search criteria
  • Selecting information that is reliable and fit for purpose
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