Security Training comes in many forms, from being a Guard at a local supermarket to working security for construction. Our security training course will guide you through the qualification and offer security employment support.

Event Security – Events have a high demand for stewards and security personnel to keep running smoothly. The Event Security Training course will cover everything needed to begin working straight away.

Door Supervisor – Door Supervisor Security Training to prepare you for nights working on club doors. Female Door Supervisors are in high demand due to changes in needs and roles they play but the security training is open to both male and female.

CCTV – Security Training no longer just covers Door Supervisor, CCTV Training is a factor for all companies and governments to have trained operators.

Conflict Management – Most forms of security will put you face to face with forms of conflict, it comes with the job. Our security training will prepare you to safely deescalate a situation and how to stay composed while doing so.

Physical Intervention – Working the doors or any form of security work will most likely lead to the challenge of physically having to step in to a conflict. This Physical Intervention Training will provide you with the knowledge so you can step up when needed and do so with your safety in mind and other peoples.

If you would like further Information regarding course please contact the course facilitator – Angela Kelly

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